What People Are Saying…

As a senior manager of a 30 person engineering team, Shelly helped me to design and facilitate off-site team building events, mentored 2 new managers (reporting directly to me) and led training programs (with ongoing working groups) in areas such as leadership, decision making and masterful conversations. Personally, Shelly coached me to continue developing my skills as a leader and in strategizing cross-functional change initiatives within our business.

Jason Lauer

Vice President of Engineering & Operations

I recently completed a Leadership Coaching Program with Shelly, and I can say without a doubt that it has made me a more effective leader, a stronger communicator and a more confident coach.

The work I did with Shelly on conflict resolution modes was especially powerful for me. I now more deeply understand my own default conflict resolution modes, and this has helped me to consciously choose the best mode for a given situation (rather than always sticking with my default mode). I have also used this to help other folks on my team better understand their own default modes (and to help them, too, see that other paths are sometimes better).

Simply put, the work I did with Shelly was invaluable, and I cannot wait to work with her again in the future!

Mike Huett

Scrum Master / Agile Coach

Shelly brings real world experience to the table.  Her background in tech gives her a unique perspective on women’s leadership in the workplace.  This combined with her vast experience in the personal growth field allows her to pinpoint afflictions in short order, and her coaching style brings about immediate change and awareness to areas of potential growth, rather than circle around and around and not getting to the core of the issue.

Melinda Rider

Founder and CEO

Shelly was my coach during my transition from an individual contributor to a manager at Intuit. Shelly helped me to develop my own skills in performance management, motivation, building relationships, and managing through transitions. My success as a manager is due in a large part to the coaching that I received from Shelly

Trevor Sterritt

Senior Manager of Technology

Shelly is a trusted, wise advisor who gets both the practical and the spiritual side of life.  She is highly attuned to whoever she is speaking with and knows how to hold space in a loving way.  With Shelly’s guidance, sense of humor, and wit, I’ve gotten through some of the darkest moments of my life!  Anyone would be lucky to work with her.  I could go on and on about the benefits of her unique combo of business skills, leadership, Buddhist and yogic philosophy.

Arielle Nobile

Documentary Film Maker

It was an eye-opening and validating session with Shelly.  I gained clarity and insight around my business’ current and long term vision, and she gave me helpful action steps in moving forward.

Jill Emich

Business Owner

As a coach, Shelly helped me interpret the Leadership Agility 360 feedback and look at different ways to approach leadership decisions than I have in the past. She has a unique talent to ask the right questions and suggest ways in how to approach those difficult leadership problems. The result of working with Shelly was a basic change in my leadership mindset which has led to clarity and improved working relationships with stakeholders and my direct reports.

Scott Voigt

VP Engineering

Shelly truly understands how to partner with a leadership team to drive an extremely effective leadership methodology and learning culture.

Don Sarno

VP Product Development

I have worked with many coaches and mentors, so I was familiar with the process.  Truthfully, I doubted that there were any more significant breakthroughs for me to have.  However, Shelly’s skill in asking generative questions was instrumental in helping me realize that a belief that I knew I held in my career, was also active in my personal life.  She helped me connect to my new story, and I now feel more confident and complete as I move forward with my work in the world.

Kelly Taylor


Shelly did an exceptional job as a project manager at Wireless Seismic and an even better job as a coach.  She to coached me through my transition from software engineer to technical manager. Her coaching helped me change my perspective from being part of a team to leading that team and making a difference as a leader.

Josh Dice

Director of Software Development

I worked with Shelly in a number of ways at Intuit. She was my manager for a period of time and it was during that period that I most benefited from her coaching skills and it is because of her that I was successful at my new role as a development manager.

After being promoted I continued to work regularly with Shelly in a coaching relationship. Her ability to help me recognize and work on areas of opportunity was invaluable to me and I would recommend her for this role without any reservations!

Sean Smith

Director of Product Development

Shelly’s intuitive insights into the challenges of my personal and professional life have helped me clarify obstacles and determine action steps.  Her guidance has enabled me to move more solidly toward what I want!

Elizabeth Gold

Communication Consultant, Leadership Trainer, Coach & Facilitator