Shelly Darnutzer

Career Strategist and Coach

Empowering Women to Step into Their Full Leadership Potential

Career Coaching for Women

Work with me if you are an emerging or established leader who wants to strengthen your leadership skills and have more confidence, influence, and ease.

Are you a woman who knows you are capable and talented, but who is losing the passion with which you entered your career?

Are you an emerging or established leader in your field who has struggled to be seen and valued as the high performer you are?

Have you experienced overt or unconscious gender bias (or even sexual harassment) that has made you question your abilities and zapped your energy and maybe even your confidence?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, please know, you are not alone.

Despite increased awareness that women in tech need mentorship, resources, and leadership development opportunities to thrive in a male-dominated industry, many women (and an increasing amount of companies) recognize that strong female leaders are leaking from their pipelines.

Too many high potential women report they are experiencing high levels of anxiety, fear of failure, diminished confidence, and lacking (or non-existing!) work-life integration,

which leaves them feeling disconnected, full of self-doubt, exhausted, and contemplating leaving the field.

Leadership Coaching for Women in Technology

How I Can Help

With over twenty-five years in tech as a software engineer, project and engineering manager and, ultimately, leadership coach, I understand firsthand the unique and solvable struggles that too many bright, passionate and hard working women in tech experience.

Through a combination of self awareness practices and leadership development, women in tech have the capacity to reclaim their power and passion, to shift from over-giving to setting healthy boundaries, and to develop the mindset and skills to navigate real and self-imposed barriers to advancement.


Giving Away Your Power?

Giving Away Your Power?

Every day we have opportunities to express our opinions, advocate for ourselves, and set limits to what we will or will not accept from others. Our personal power is a reflection of our ability to organize, focus and direct our...

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Shatter Your Inner Glass Ceiling

Shatter Your Inner Glass Ceiling

The issue of empowerment and ambition for women is confusing.  We’re told that we can do anything, compete alongside men, be rewarded and recognized for our achievements – and – we have been socialized to be likable, to get along, to be attractive, and to keep...

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Why Women Lose Ambition

Why Women Lose Ambition

Lately I’ve been researching the issue of women’s loss of ambition and power in corporate environments. As a result, I have a deeper understanding of why it’s important for women to reflect on their own experiences and how to restore ambition and power when they get...

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About Me

For over 25 years, I worked directly in the technology world as a top performing software engineer, engineering manager,  project manager and as a certified professional leadership coach.

Since 2006, I have coached executives, directors, managers and influential employees to build leadership skills and the mental capacity and emotional intelligence needed to navigate successfully through increasingly complex technical and interpersonal workplace challenges. 

I am passionate about supporting and elevating women in tech to thrive in their careers and confidently take on leadership roles. 


“Shelly brings real world experience to the table.  Her background in tech gives her a unique perspective on women’s leadership in the workplace.  This combined with her vast experience in the personal growth field allows her to pinpoint afflictions in short order, and her coaching style brings about immediate change and awareness to areas of potential growth, rather than circle around and around and not getting to the core of the issue. “

Melinda Rider

Boulder, CO

“I have worked with many coaches and mentors, so I was familiar with the process.  Truthfully, I doubted that there were any more significant breakthroughs for me to have.  However, Shelly’s skill in asking generative questions was instrumental in helping me realize that a belief that I knew I held in my career, was also active in my personal life.  She helped me connect to my new story, and I now feel more confident and complete as I move forward with my work in the world.”

Kelly Taylor

Tucson, AZ

Shelly is a trusted, wise advisor who gets both the practical and the spiritual side of life.  She is highly attuned to whoever she is speaking with and knows how to hold space in a loving way.  With Shelly’s guidance, sense of humor, and wit, I’ve gotten through some of the darkest moments of my life!  Anyone would be lucky to work with her.  I could go on and on about the benefits of her unique combo of business skills, leadership, Buddhist and yogic philosophy.

Arielle Nobile

Chicago, IL

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