Workshops and Events


empowered-women-holding-hands-sunsetComing Soon: Leap!  A Workshop for Women Ready to Amp Up Their Impact

This is a program to re-energize your creativity, renew your trust in your natural intuition, and provide new clarity around your goals & aspirations, leaving you with increased confidence, motivation, and a greater sense of ease.

Leap! is a transformative workshop for any woman who wants to play bigger in her life and her work.


Leadership Roundtable

Leadership Roundtables provide a thought leadership platform to connect like-minded leaders for peer information exchange and networking.  The format is structured around a short presentation about the topic followed by a facilitated discussion intended to engage and inspire participants toward action in their professions.


  • Connect with other leaders in an exclusive setting
  • Collaborate on emerging business and leadership concepts, strategies and trends
  • Build and strengthen strategic relationships
  • Share ideas, experiences, and best practices

For more information contact me.

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